Bio & Resume

Chris X

A media and marketing specialist who uses technology to tell progressive stories about our culture.

With collaboration and technology at the heart of all of his projects he has successfully used a multitude of mediums including; writing, video production, animation, 3-d animation, graphic design, immersive video, and live installations.


Some of his most recent achievements are:


- Successfully executing Experiential Marketing Activations for over 2 dozen well known Brands including; Kelloggs, Red Bull, Kroger, and Ralphs.


- Managing a successful retail store for 2 years.

- Shooting two feature films.


- Self publishing 2 works of fiction.

-Creating an online store that hosts the work of various artist.

His education at The School of the Art Institute as well a career of freelance work has given him opportunities to create engaging and technologically motivated work. With the dream of  turning all of his written works into modern and engaging content there's no telling what sorts of books, comics, films, video games, and virtual reality experiences we can hope to see in the future.

Microsoft Word - ChrisPhillips2018.docx
Microsoft Word - ChrisPhillips2018.docx