Film & Writing

A coming of age story gone wrong.

This dark comedy is about life, death, friends, love, and war. An apocalyptic look at the ruins of Mid-Western Millennial culture filled with classic American violence and drugs.

This story is the culmination of the last thirty years of American Culture. The last tale of an age before Corona. About growing up in a society of waste, excess, fame, bars, and parties.

It’s a fun look at Millennial culture, a brief escape from the world, and a nostalgic look back at 1990 - 2020.


Online Multi-Media Experience


Somewhere in the future a virtual reality accidentally causes the singularity.
Episode 1 is a great introduction to the sci-fi dystopian world after Earth’s atmosphere changes where the line between human and technology is slowly being blurred.

Feature Film

Dark Sky Blue

The hunt for his friend's murder takes one Millennial through the depths of Chicago.


12k Words
60 mins

Feature Film


(Director of Photography only)

After an accident a massuse realizes he can make more money killing people.