Bio & Resume


Chris Phillips

is a Media and Marketing specialist originally from Chicago.

“Collaboration” is the best way to summarize my attitude as an artist. I have always drawn on my past, inspirations, and the perspectives of the various people I meet through life. As a Visual Storyteller I use a multitude of mediums including; Writing, Video Production, Animation, 3D-Animation, Graphic Design, Panoramic Video, and Installations.

Some of my most recent achievements  are:

- Successfully running a retail store for 2 years

- An ongoing series of videos about events and social issues that combines Video and Animation.

- A 60 minute Feature film that includes Animation and Visual Effects.

-Currently developing my personal Brand of 8 years into an online store.

My education at The School of the Art Institute as well as my background in freelance work has giving me a vast toolset with which I create engaging and technologically advanced work. My dream is to turn all my story ideas into various content; Books, Comics, Films, Video Games, Virtual Reality Experiences, who knows!?




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Microsoft Word - ChrisPhillips2018.docx